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Purposes of the CDPT

The "Centro di diritto penale tributario - Centre de droit pénal fiscal - Centre for criminal Tax law" association was set up by a group of scholars from various fields with the intention of looking into criminal tax law themes within the countries of the European Union: through study, research and public debate, and a special collaboration with other similar associations of EU lawyers and their publications, by means of a comparison of the legislation within these countries, tending towards the harmonisation of such legislation.

The long and intense activity of the Centre in this area, which is listed on other page of this site, documents this. The Centre has been involved in international conventions organised by the European Commission, with its representatives taking part in international conferences as guests or speakers.

Furthermore, our long-standing aspiration to pay particular attention to EU-related issues, while focusing on a comparison of criminal tax themes, has become more important over time. So, without wishing to neglect the area of criminal tax law and, more generally, criminal business law, the association is ever-increasingly focusing on issues of EU law in the stricter sense. As a result, the future activities of the Centre will be focused in this direction to an ever-greater extent.

The Centre, then, intends to take part in the cultural and scientific initiatives of the Commission of the European Union, in the creation of a European legal space, its configuration, and the protection and defence, also in the criminal sphere, of EU assets and interests and resources, and other related matters.

The Centre also intends to contribute to making Italian economic operators and functionaries and lawyers and Judges more aware of the need for a more rigorous protection of EU interests, providing continuous technical-legal support and information. The association is not for profit.

Associazione di esperti di diritto comunitario a tutela degli interessi finanziari dell’Unione Europea.

Association of experts of law to protect the financial interests of the European Union.

Association des experts du droit de protéger les intérêts financiers de l’Union européenne.

Vereinigung von Fachleuten des Gesetzes zum Schutz der finanziellen Interessen der Europäischen Union.


The association has the purpose of looking into themes in the EU tax area and other related matters within the countries of the European Union, by means of a comparison of the legislation within these countries, tending towards the harmonisation of such legislation (from art. 1 of the By-Laws, Deed of Notary Restano in Turin, 9-5-1995, file no. 50246, sub-file no. 12965)


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